We are proud to be the only East West Café with its original recipes. We prepare and cook your dishes with the same standards that we use to prepare our own family dinners. We use only fresh produce, herbs and spices that are hand – selected at local Tacoma markets. Some are grown in our own garden. The vibrant colors tell you or their freshness and full flavors. We remove all fat from the meats to insure the leanest, healthiest portions. The flavor of fresh herbs and spices combined with our lean meats create our very special, flavorful dishes.

 We do not cook with MSG. Gluten-free or vegetarian options are available. Our dishes are cooked with peanut oil, may contain garlic or soy sauce. Please let us know if you are allergic to any ingredients so we will try our best to cook your foods.

  Thank you for supporting East West Proctor which in turn supporting back to our wonderful Tacoma community.